Tips for creating a great eharmony profile

Whether you’ve tried online dating before, or this is your first time, having a great profile is the key to success. Here’s some tips to show yourself in the best possible light.


Your photos are an essential part of the story so all eharmony members must have at least one photo uploaded and approved. We know that members with more photos tend to receive more communication, therefore use this chance to show off your best side.


  • Use a close-up or head shot as your main photo – no hats or sunglasses!  
  • Smile – if this doesn’t come easy to you, think of something that makes you happy when having your picture taken  
  • Include captions with dates and locations  
  • Have at least one full body shot. People want to see all of you  
  • Post pictures that show different sides of your personality. You can use up to 12 photos  
  • Include pictures that show you doing the activities or hobbies you love the most. These can make good conversation starters


  • Hide your face. As well as yother members not being able to see you, your photo will be rejected by our team  
  • Use old pictures. We want to see you as you are now  
  • Use group photos. Your profile is all about you, not your friends or family  
  • Overdo it with selfies. And try to avoid mirror, bathroom, or gym selfies. For best results, have someone else take the photo, or use the timer on your device

More details on what type of photos eharmony won’t accept are available here

eharmony Profile Details

This is your big chance to make a great first impression. It needs to tell them who you are and what you care most about, while making them want to start a conversation. Many of our members say they usually ignore profiles with empty or very incomplete eharmony profiles, so it’s worth taking the time to give as much information about yourself as possible. If you’re not sure what to write, here are some tips for a great profile.


  • Try to answer each question fully with at least 2-3 sentences 
  • Be specific. Tell us what you’re passionate about and how you got interested in your favorite hobbies 
  • Be adventurous. Tell us about the places you’d love to go to and the things you want to see. This is the stuff that generates the most conversation 
  • Double-check your spelling and grammar. Even the best writers make mistakes 
  • Be positive and engaging 


  • Avoid questions because you don’t think you have a good answer. Give it your best shot, even if you’re not sure 
  • Be sarcastic or overly negative. People generally find positivity more attractive 
  • Use inappropriate or vulgar language 
  • Dwell on your past relationships. If you do feel the need to mention it, talk about what you learned 

When filling out your eharmony profile, try to think about what you would like to see when looking at other members, and take it from there. But don’t think too hard. It still needs to be a genuine reflection of who you really are.