eharmony’s Compatibility Scores explained

The eharmony Compatiblity Score shows how compatible you are with each individual eharmony member.

The score is based on the results of the Compatibility Quiz everyone completes when joining eharmony. In the Compatibility section of each member’s profile, you can take a deeper dive into which traits you share a high level of similarity and which may be causes of friction between you.

What’s the highest Compatibility Score on eharmony? 

Compatiblity Scores range between 60 and 140. Here’s a rough guide to what they mean:

An eharmony Compatibility score of 100  

100 is a good average. Take a closer look at the profile and if you like them, start a conversation.

An eharmony Compatibility score over 100  

110 or more is a high level of compatibility and indicates you’re a good fit with this member. Get to know them better by sending a message or starting a conversation.

An eharmony Compatibility score under 100  

Maybe not as promising, but don’t rule them out entirely. You might still find you’re on the same wavelength due to shared interests or a similar sense of humor. Take a good look at anyone who sparks your curiosity and, if you feel inspired, start a conversation. You never know where that special connection may be.