2021 Happiness Index STUDY

2020 has been described as unprecedented, challenging, and surreal, to name a few. But how did the year affect couples and their relationships? eharmony’s fourth Annual Happiness Index reveals that the pandemic has led to happier relationships despite the uncertain time. Take a look at our full findings below.

Header illustration by Sunny Eckerle

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Impact on relationships

Despite life in lockdown, the COVID-19 pandemic had a positive impact on romantic relationships this past year.

Better Together

Personal Space

As couples across the country quarantined together and apart, they invested in new living spaces, discovered each other’s annoying behaviors and reorganized to achieve the perfect space to thrive at home.

Up-leveling living spaces became important. The majority of people have spent time and energy on their homes in 2020, with reorganization and redecoration quite common among couples.

Moving in and Out

Needing more space

The desire for more space is stronger among younger people, while those 55+ report they are happy with the space they currently have.


While couples talked more and more about politics in 2020 in the run-up to the Presidential election, most report that political arguments don’t negatively affect their relationship.

Different Opinions

52% say they have had an argument about politics with their partner, with 33% reporting disagreements at least once a week.

Sex Life

Let’s talk about sex. Because of stay-at-home orders, couples were forced to be in the same space and spend more time with each other. This quality time led to couples reporting a positive impact on their sex lives.

Mental Health

It’s only natural the pandemic put a strain a mental health. How did couples’ mental health fare during a pandemic, physical isolation and a polarized election season. Through this time, we found that relationships thrived.

Study information

We teamed up with Harris Interactive to survey over 2,000 respondents that are currently in relationships. Our respondents were from all age groups, ethnicities, incomes, gender and sexual identities . The 4th Annual Happiness Index from eharmony has captured the American mindset of couples in four major categories: Personal Space, Sex Life, Politics and Mental Health – with each addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.