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Why Your Quirks May Have Him Falling for You

It’s the little quirks that make people lovable…and it’s how you feel about the little things that make a man fall for you. Read on to learn how to let a man in on your passions — whatever they are — in a way that will ignite his feelings for you.

When you’re in the early stages of dating, it’s hard to know what – and how much – to reveal about yourself.

What if he thinks you’re too high maintenance because you like to get a massage every week? Or maybe he’ll think you’re not cool enough because you’ve never been skiing and prefer to stay inside knitting and drinking hot chocolate while everyone else is out on the slopes? Or what if he writes you off as downright nutty because you know every single line in ‘Grease’, and you like to sing along to it, too?

If you’re worried that a particular quirk about you might send a man running, read on. The very thing you’re trying to hide from him is what will make him connect to you, open up to you, and endear him to you.


Maybe he’s really into action movies, and you love romantic comedies. Your initial reaction might be to pretend you like what he likes. But doing this is a dead end for both of you since he’s not getting to know the real you. You’re also missing an opportunity to truly connect with him.

Initially you might feel a need to defend your likes, or you might be embarrassed about them altogether. Suspend your judgment. Even when you feel embarrassed talking about your likes, he’ll fall for you…if you talk about what you love with your whole heart.

When he asks you why you always want to see chick flicks, instead of defending yourself and giving him a mental answer, give him a visceral response. Say, “You know, I just love how those movies make me cry. They make me feel like the things my friends and I worry and wonder about are completely normal.” Then ask him the magic question: “How about you?”


People who don’t keep their passions quiet are attractive. That’s because we all yearn to feel strongly for something – whether a cause or another person. We yearn for purpose. We also yearn for understanding – for someone to appreciate us because of what we ourselves appreciate – no matter how quirky it may be. And men are no exception.

When you talk openly and genuinely about your passions, you become much more attractive to a man. Your vibe changes when you have a sense of passion, and you light up from within. Your whole body relaxes. You become in a way you would when you are intimate – in a melting, open, loving space. Suddenly, he’s mesmerized.

So whether it’s bio chemistry or your extensive collection of sitcom box sets, talk about them with passion and without making excuses. When you’re confident and open enough to share these things rather than pretend you’re someone you’re not, the man you’re with will feel like it’s okay to be himself with you.

Because chances are he has a secret collection of Transformers that makes him feel like a carefree kid again. And he’ll love you for the fact that you’ll love him anyway for it. That’s when closeness, connection, and love start to bloom.


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