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Online Dating Profile Photos Dos and Don’ts: Examples for Your eH Cover Photo!

By eHarmony Staff

Choosing a really good cover photo for your online dating profile is absolutely at the top of the list when it comes to your success. Here are the types of photos that will work best. We realize we have pulled these from a stock photo gallery (kinda cheating!) — but the point here is just to give you some ideas of the best direction to go in to ensure more interest in your profile. We have also included some not-so-great examples that we have seen many, many times. A high quality photo can really make the difference as well, so if you don’t have the best camera — find a friend who does. The bottom line is it is worth the investment of a little time and energy to have some good pictures taken of yourself. And sorry, a selfie taken in the bathroom with your iPhone doesn’t count!

A Photo Says A Lot About You

Medium shots work really well for a cover photo. This pic tells you that this woman seems confident, relaxed, likes to read and enjoys a warm beverage. What's not to like?!

Glare Alert!

We have seen many photos like this one on profiles -- where the glare is really bad, or the shadows actually cover part of the person's face, or the photo is way oversaturated. This is not the best idea for a cover photo, obviously.

He's in it to win it!

A photo like this is amazing because it captures this man enjoying one of his passions. You can also see his face (a plus!) and get a sense of his enthusiasm for life.

Party Foul

If this woman chose this as a cover photo, what does it say? That she likes to party and has lots of men around her. Not the best example for a first impression. Your cover photo should ideally just be you.

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night...

Sunglasses are cool and can make a statement, but not in your primary dating profile photo. People want to see your eyes -- and this scowl isn't inviting either. Smiles are your best accessory, so please include them.

The Direct Approach

We love this photo, the way she looks directly at the camera, is smiling and is amongst a gorgeous outdooor backdrop (no glare needed!) This is a great head shot.

Game On

It is super important to express who you are and what you are into on your profile. This photo manages to convey that this guy is really into fitness without making him look like a meathead -- no shirtless photo needed to see that he is in great shape!

Eyes Wide Closed

Who would upload a photo of themselves with their eyes closed? Lots of people, unfortunately. Not a good look and not a good idea.

Close Up

This is as close as you should really get for a cover photo. Make sure it is clear, high quality and not blurry.

Orange Crush

Here is an example of another nice outdoor shot -- where you get an idea of what this guy likes to do on weekends.

Trail Blazer

Here's another amazing photo of a woman in her element. We love the idea of representing who you are on a day-to-day basis. No glamour shots or false eyelashes needed!

Meet the Furbaby

If you are passionate about your puppy, it's completely cool to share your cover photo with him! Just make sure you are in the photo as well.

Bench Mark

Another good example of a medium shot, a nice smile and good setting.

Don't do it!

Please avoid the temptation of taking a selfie in the bathroom, or your car, or your bedroom. Even this cool black suit can't save this guy from being closed out from potential matches when they see this bathroom background.

No Kissy Face

This lady may be the sweetest, most genuine person you will ever meet, but can you tell that from this puckered pic? Not really. Someone could infer that she is immature and not really serious about finding love. That is why we don't endorse the kissy face!

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