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Make Up or Break Up? Seven Questionable Scenarios

by eHarmony Staff

Your new boyfriend or girlfriend is pretty great, except for this one particular area. Find out what we think the potential dealbreakers are – and what’s worth sticking around for.

Mr. Penny Pincher

You thought you were savvy with your money, but your quirky new boyfriend takes it to a whole new level! He coupons, Groupons, haggles and prides himself on never paying full price. Does he impart his thrifty ways upon you? Fortunately not … yet! Could this spell trouble for you down the road? Possibly, if you are the complete opposite in the finances spectrum. For now, we are going to say this is no reason to break up with someone. You may even learn a thing or two – and add some money to your bank account!

Mr. Power Play

He’s got a big personality – and you notice he tends to dominate most conversations. When you mention you are thinking of going to Hawaii with some girlfriends, he spends the next half hour telling you about his many adventures on the islands, without asking you a single question about your plans. If this hasn’t gotten old for you already, it definitely will. We give this one an emphatic two thumbs way up for the break up. This one isn’t likely to change, ladies!

Ms. Flirt

She’s gorgeous, yet always fishes for compliments. She seems really into you, but you notice she seems to really need attention from other men. There are so many great qualities about this girl, but you also see a real insecurity there. Should you run for the hills? Not so fast. We think it’s worth giving this woman a chance, as this sort of baggage is pretty common and not impossible to work through, if you are willing to be patient and honest with her.

Mr. Lookiloo

You are out to dinner, having a great time, and then bam – you catch him looking at the cutie in the corner - more than once. Suddenly, you start to feel insecure, then a little angry. You may even ask him if he’d like to join the table in question! While you definitely should make it clear that this behavior is unacceptable to you, is it a reason to end a relationship? Not if it only happens once. In this case, we’ll say “make up.” Now if he is a frequent gawker, it may be a clue he isn’t so committed to you. Keep your eyes open!

Ms. Unavailable

You have been seeing her for two months, and are having lots of fun. You are noticing a trend, though. She always loves to have lots of her friends around – every time you are together. She doesn’t seem to have the ability to really connect one on one, and you notice she is uncomfortable with any kind of quality, deep conversation. You’ve tried to break through repeatedly – but her walls are completely up. In this situation: cut your losses. Your investment was minimal and there is likely some emotional issue going on behind the scenes.

Mr. C

He’s cool, confident – and successful too! There is just one area of concern ... he told you directly that he likes to be in control. When you go out, he orders dinner for you. He doesn’t come right out and say it, but he really makes it known when he is ready to leave the party. Is this something you can deal with? We’re going to have to say “break up” in this instance, because if he is this way now, there’s no telling how much more control he will want you to give up later.

Ms. Freedom

She’s funny, smart and spontaneous. You can’t believe your luck, actually, that she is still single at age 37! There is just one thing that you find really odd -- she just told you she has never been in a relationship for more than six months. Should you stick around to see what might be around the corner? We’re going to say YES in this case. We think everyone should be given the opportunity to show you who they are. She may be a late bloomer, so who knows. DO keep your eyes open – like you would do with anyone you are just getting to know.

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