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Meet the eHarmony Commercial Couples

Meet Our eHarmony TV Commercial Couples

eHarmony commercial couple Joshua and Tanyalee

Tanyalee and Joshua

The eHarmony experience doesn't happen this way for most of our couples, but for Joshua and Tanyalee, it was love at first sight.

eHarmony couple Anne Marie and Lee snuggling

Anne Marie and Lee

When you first meet them, Anne Marie and Lee seem like the perfect couple. And then after you get to know them, they seem made for each other.

eHarmony couple Farren and Travis

Farren and Travis

Travis and Farren are one of our success stories. They come from very different backgrounds, but who they are on the inside brought them together through eHarmony's unique matching system.

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Success Story by Category
Meet Our TV Couples

eHarmony Commercial Couples: Tanyalee and Joshua

Tanyalee and Joshua

Their Story

eHarmony Commercial Couples: Anne Marie and Lee

Anne Marie and Lee

Their Story

eHarmony Commercial Couples: Farren and Travis

Farren and Travis

Their Story

Member Videos

Jim and Tammy
Wedding clip from our Success Story of the Year-Virginia

John and Nicole
eHarmony was mentioned in their wedding ceremony!

Shawn and Alexandra
A Marine on a mission- a mission to propose

Jerome and Veronica
Two worlds become one!