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Online Dating Success Story Videos

Jim and Tammy
Wedding clip from our Success Story of the Year- Virginia

John and Nicole
eHarmony was mentioned in their wedding ceremony!

Shawn and Alexandra
A Marine on a mission- a mission to propose

Gary and Tasha
Special thanks to eHarmony at their wedding

Jerome and Veronica
Two worlds become one

Laurie and Edward
Best Man’s toast to eHarmony

Joe and Natalie
eHarmony is included in Joe's welcoming remarks

Nate and Angie
Proposal on the set of an eHarmony commercial taping

Chip and Rachel
2006 Couple of the Year Winners! Watch Chip’s incredible proposal

Robert and Kelli
What do Dr. Neil Clark Warren and Alexander Graham Bell have in common?

Ricky and Rachel
Cheerleaders on game day, "Will you marry me?"

Tom and Holly
Driving eHarmony style

Cameron and Sarah
"If anyone was wondering, eHarmony works!"

Eric and Robin
Mazel Tov!

Meline & Eric
Going the distance

Deborah and Paul
eHarmony Love Story

Nils and Sahar
Surprise proposal at The Washington Monument

Sherry and Tony
The performance isn't over yet!

Tim and Brenda
University professor gets a surprise guest speaker

Chris and Kim
Long distance romance

Lee and Alicia
There's something different about this commercial...

Brad and Vicki
Daughter gives thanks at mom's wedding for eHarmony match

Ruth and Steve
Watch them celebrate their big day

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