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eHarmony Advice Community Standards

By posting on our site you agree to all of the following Community Standards, our Community Moderation Policies & Practices  and the Terms of Service,  which are designed to create a welcoming, friendly and supportive atmosphere in our Community.    These documents are subject to change, so please bookmark this page and check back occasionally.

1.  Be kind and respectful.  Personal attacks or hate speech will not be tolerated.  When giving advice to other Members, please remember that honesty and kindness are NOT mutually exclusive. Click here to learn about what we consider a personal attack and/or hate speech.
2. Be welcoming, especially to newer members.  It’s tough being the new kid on the block, so please be especially kind and welcoming to newcomers.   Anyone being rude to newbies will be moderated.
3. Stay On Topic.  Be sure to post your topics in the appropriate forum, and keep in mind that any off-topic banter which is disruptive to a thread’s discourse may be removed.
4. Keep it clean.  Profane or obscene language or photos, or attempts to bypass our moderation filters will result in your entire post being removed.   Be sure to read our photo guidelines before posting any images on our site.
5. Report, don’t reply.  If you believe you have been personally attacked, hit the report button and let our team handle it.  Replying in kind only escalates the situation — so don’t do it, or you too may incur moderation  activity against you.  Here’s information about how to report a post on our boards.
6. No posts containing or encouraging spam, advertising, fraudulent/ illegal activity or personally identifiable information (email address, etc.).   This includes potentially libelous or defamatory postings, material posted in potential breach of copyright, or any post encouraging violation of the eHarmony Advice Community Standards or eHarmony Terms of Service.  Any such postings will be removed.
7. No posting complaints about moderation.  Posts complaining about moderation activity taken against you are not allowed on our boards, will be removed and may incur additional moderation activity against you. If you feel there is a relevant global issue about moderation that should be discussed as a Community, you are encouraged to post about it in the Talk To Your Community Team Group for discussion.
8. Respect the eHarmony staff and our Member-Moderators.  While we appreciate legitimate feedback about our service and website, any post containing derogatory comments about eHarmony staff or members of our Member-Moderator team is considered a personal attack will be removed.
9. Do your best to communicate as clearly as possible.   Text isn’t always a great medium for conversation: tone of voice – sarcasm, humor, etc. do not always come across when using words on a screen.  Be aware that you may be misunderstood, so try to be very clear about what you are saying.  Also, don’t type in all CAPS, as your readers may consider this shouting. Divide your posts into paragraphs for easy reading, and go easy on the abbreviations, (ROTFL, YT? OMG) as this may limit your effectiveness communicating with some Community Members.
10. One account per person.  While we will make rare exceptions for Members who need to share something they consider too private for their regular username,  if any Member is found to be posting under two accounts for the purposes of harassing, deceiving or otherwise injuring the Community, both accounts will be revoked.  Also, any banned Member who returns under a new account will also have the new account revoked.
Please note that ALL content posted on our boards, sent via private message, included in or on your own or posted as a comment on another Member’s profile, or otherwise sent via the eHarmony Advice system are subject to the eHarmony Advice Community Standards andModeration Policies and Practices, as well as the Terms of Service.
Community Members who seriously, persistently or willfully ignore the Community Standards, Moderation Policies and Practices Terms of Service will have their posting privileges on eHarmony Advice revoked.    This is not an action that we take lightly or arbitrarily. However, our mission is to create and maintain a positive experience for our Community Members, and we reserve the right to make decisions which we feel support that. Prior to any banning, when possible the participant will be warned and given a chance to adhere to our Community Standards.  However, depending on the circumstances and the severity of the offense, we reserve the right to ban a user without prior notification. If a banned Member returns and attempts to continue to use the site, we reserve the right to close any further accounts the banned Member creates.
Our goal is to create and maintain a pleasant and welcoming environment for everyone.   To that end, we reserve the right to remove any post, thread or Community Member whom we deem to be in violation of the Community Standards or of detriment to the spirit of our Community.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in following our Community Standards – by doing so you help make the eHarmony Advice Community a great place to be!
Republishing Your Words 
One of the best ways to encourage more participation in these discussion boards is by sharing your very best quotes with a wider audience. Therefore we may take various quotes from our boards and use them in emails, advertising, and promotional efforts. If we do so, we’ll only use your screen name and we promise to use great care in the quotes we choose. We will never use a quote from you that is embarrassing, endangering or inflammatory.
Technical issues  / Feedback
To report a technical issue or provide feedback, click on the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of every page, or email us at