eharmony’s brand-new feature Video Date is allows you to change the way you date.

This new feature is gives you the power to date on your own terms. Now you can stop asking yourself how soon is too soon? Should I ask first or wait to be asked? Coffee or dinner? Instead, our new Video Date can help you relax and take the first step in a comfortable and safe environment.

So, take this opportunity and change the rules of dating. Date how you want, when you want and where you want with eharmony’s new feature, Video Date.

How does Video Date work on eharmony?

Premium Members can use Video Date as soon as they have exchanged a few messages with their match on the site or in the app. This is important because we want to make sure you both know each other and are ready for the next step.

To use the Video Date function, both members must be online: if you’re using the eharmony app it must be open on your phone; if you’re using the web, eharmony must be the active browser tab. Once this happens you can request to Video Date with your match. However, the request can be accepted or rejected by the person receiving it. In addition, there is no time limit on your Video Date.

How do I start a Video Date?

The feature can be activated in the messaging area or directly in a contact’s profile by clicking the “Video Date” button.

Video Date feature in Messages:

Mobile Web

Video Date feature in other profiles:

Mobile Web


Is Video Date safe?

Absolutely! When you use Video Date you get to stay within the familiar and secure eharmony environment. In addition, we do not require you to exchange any personal information, such as your private phone number, in order to use this feature. Furthermore, you have the option to cut off contact with your match at any time, as well as preventing future contact by Video Date or any other form of communication.

How to report inappropriate behaviour on Video Date

Communication between our members is always private, whether by direct message or the new Video Date feature. No-one at eharmony can watch or listen in on the direct exchanges between two of our members. However, if your match’s behaviour seems inappropriate during a Video Date, please contact our customer service team immediately using the “Report profile” button. Once that is done, we will then take appropriate steps, up to and including banning members from our platforms in the event of repeated misconduct.

Technical requirements for Video Date

Allow access to microphone and camera

The first time you begin or accept a Video Date, your device will ask for your permission to grant eharmony access to your microphone and camera. This is necessary in order to carry out a Video Date. To proceed, just click the “Allow” button.

If you accidentally hit “Decline,“ don’t worry, you can still use the Video Date feature:

  • On the app, you have two options. One way is to simply go into your settings within the eharmony app and grant permission there. Or, the next time you try to use Video Date in the app, you will once again be asked to grant eharmony permission to use your microphone and camera. This time please confirm to accept or start a video call.
  • In the web version you can change this setting in your browser. Instructions for this can be found in the help pages of the browser.


BrowserHow to fix it
Microsoft EdgeInstructions for activating the microphone and camera can be found on the Microsoft website.
Mozilla FirefoxOn the Firefox website, go to the help page: Manage camera and microphone permissions with Firefox.
Google ChromeThis Google page offers more information about managing cameras and microphones.
SafariInformation on switching the camera and microphone on and off can be found on the Apple help pages.