Tips for a great Video Date

You can do just about everything else virtually, so why not dating too? With our Video Date feature, you and your match can get to know each other before you meet in person. Here’s some tips for getting the most from Video Date.

When & Where to Video Date?

  • First up, make a date. Agree on the day then pick a time that works for both of you (don’t forget time zones if they don’t live close by!)   
  • Choose a time when you’re least likely to be interrupted – make sure you can focus on each other without distraction  
  • Be on time. Fashionably late doesn’t really work online 
  • Make sure you’re somewhere comfortable and, above all, quiet. Find a space that makes you feel at ease, whether it’s your couch or your kitchen  
  • Find somewhere that’s inviting and not too cluttered. You don’t want your date focusing on whatever’s on your shelves  
  • Think about lighting! You want your date to see you clearly and at your best. Make sure there are no bright lights right behind you or directly overhead. In daytime, don’t sit in front of a sunny window 

What Should I Wear on a Video Date?

  • Just because your date isn’t there in person doesn’t mean you don’t need to put in a little effort. So, treat it like a real-life date and dress to impress.  
  • First impressions are still crucial. Wear what you would for a regular date but make sure you’re comfortable  
  • Think about how you look from the waist down, too. Even though it’s a Video Date, you never know when you’ll suddenly have to stand up  
  • Most importantly, be yourself and wear whatever makes you feel confident. Your fashion sense is part of your personality, so express yourself and your style

What to Talk About on a Video Date?

Breaking the ice can be tricky but hopefully you’ve already had conversations with your match using the chat feature on eharmony. However, if getting the ball rolling is still a struggle, here’s some ideas to spark an interesting, engaging conversation. 

  • What was it about your match’s profile that first caught your attention? Was there a certain detail or photo?  
  • Was there a question on your profile that your match didn’t answer on theirs? Don’t be afraid to ask  
  • Got any upcoming trips planned? What would be your dream vacation?  
  • Don’t let the conversation get too heavy – it’s a date, after all, and should be fun 

Need More Ideas?

 Staring at a screen for too long can get boring in any circumstances. This isn’t a work meeting, so think about what you can do as well as say. How about . . .  

  • A virtual tour Take your date on a walk-through of your home. We all love to be nosey about where people live, and it will give them a greater sense of your style and personality  
  • Have a cook-off Take your date to the kitchen – maybe try making the same dish. Or just raid the fridge together  
  • Prime time Is there a movie or TV show you both love? Watch it together  
  • Hobby hour Are there any skills or hobbies you can show off? Let them see your creativity

These are just some starter ideas and you’re bound to come up with more. So, grab your phone, tablet, or laptop (make sure they’re fully charged!) and have fun on your date!