What to do when eharmony Video Date does not work?

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with eharmony Video Date – please reach out to our Customer Care team so we can help. In your email, please include some basic info about the issue, such as:

  • Your device type (phone, tablet, laptop) 
  • Which browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.) or app type (Android or iOS). If you know it, please include which version of the browser or app (you can find this in the ‘about’ tab of your browser, or in your app store) 
  • The profile ID of the match you’re communicating with 
  • What type of connection you’re using (e.g. Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G) 
  • Whether you’re accessing the site or app from work, home or another public location 
  • Please describe the problems you’re encountering. If you are receiving error messages, please include a screenshot. If the error is happening with more than one match, please include the name, city, and age of at least one of them 
  • If it’s a messaging issue, please include the full text of the message you’re trying to send