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Alicia and Brian

Whiting, NJ

Brian and I "met" in April 2005. We both were only on the site for a few weeks. He was charming and funny online and thankfully so cute in person!! After a couple of months of dating, I knew he was the one. He was my perfect match. He wasn't so quick to jump. We dated casually for a few months, lost contact for a couple months, and then reconnected when his family experienced a tragedy. We fell in love soon after.

I realize this is not the typical "we immediately fell in love and lived happily ever after" story, but I've always thought it is a wonderful story. It happened naturally, even after eHarmony. It is also speaks well of eHarmony. Brian wasn't ready for his perfect match. He was hesitant. He didn't think it was going to work out so well, so soon. eHarmony works. Without question. We habitually tell our single friends to try it..

When people ask, we always joke that we were introduced by our friend, Dr. Neil Clark Warren. The future is now at our hands, and I couldn't be more satisfied with how it happened. Thank you, eHarmony.

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