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Sydney and Torre

Des Moines, IA

One day, Sydney was going through hundreds of matches when she happened upon Torre's profile and she was immediately interested. She requested communication, and from that point on, things went unbelievably smoothly. Sydney answered Torre's questions perfectly and vice versa.

After about a week of communicating, Torre asked Sydney if she was ready to exchange phone numbers and he called her the next day. They arranged a date for the next weekend and they decided to meet in a central location. Their first date lasted for almost eight hours, and right then, Torre asked Sydney if she would be interested in having a second date that coming Wednesday. They went out again that following Saturday and saw each other at least once a week from that point on. The night before their 6 month anniversary, they had cooked a nice meal together to celebrate. During dessert, Torre told Sydney that he wanted to give her the present he had gotten her and told her to close her eyes. When Sydney opened them again, Torre was down on one knee in front of her and proposed! 


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