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Trish and Bill

Highland Village, TX

Bill and I were matched on eHarmony in January of 2006.  The thing I remembered the most was how funny he was through our e-mails.  It took a few weeks to set a day and time with each other’s schedules to meet for the first time.  Our first meeting was on Super Bowl Sunday.  We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  We talked until the place closed for the night.  Throughout our dating there were numerous times we would order the same thing.  We were amazed with how much we had in common.

After our first meeting we went on our first “Official Date”.  He took me to a Japanese restaurant where they cooked the food in front of you. We had a marvelous time and made the long drive back to my house.  We had some cocktails and chatted.  I could tell this guy was someone I could see a future with.  As the evening turned into early morning, he was telling me a story and I could feel my stomach do a flip flop.  I tried to ignore it, but the sickness was coming on too strong.  I felt the urge to run to the bathroom and I politely excused myself and dashed just in time before I got sick. The wave of nausea was almost too much to bear but the embarrassment overcame me.  What do I say after I come out of the bathroom?  Do I smell like dead fish? Would he run out of the house in sheer horror??  I cleaned myself up and walked back out to the living area where he sat.  He asked if I was OK, and I waved it off and said I was fine.  Well, after another 15 minutes of enjoying each other’s company, I felt another wave of nausea. Now I was really embarrassed as I darted back into the bathroom. While I was heaving, I was thinking this guy probably thinks I get sick at the drop of a hat. How embarrassing.  At that point, I was assured I was a complete mess with my mascara running down my face and the stench on my clothes. I came back out and he tried to comfort me.  All the time I told him it would pass in a half hour.  It usually did the seldom times I got sick.  We chatted some more and it was obvious I wasn’t feeling better.  He hugged me and told me he’ll let me be by myself so I could get comfortable.  We said goodnight and he was gone. I knew he would run as fast as he could and I wouldn’t hear from him again.  I thought that was a shame, I really liked him.  I called my friend in Atlanta. Amazing she answered the phone and I told her the horrid story.  She told me if he called me the next day and asked me out again, I’d better keep him!  Sure enough he did and the rest is history.

We were wed this year on our 2 year anniversary of our first meeting. Instead of Super Bowl Sunday, it was Mardi Gras. I thought that was fabulous! We didn’t tell anyone except close friends. We went to the court house that afternoon to have the County Judge marry us. Unfortunately he was running late with a trial. After waiting for an hour, he finally called a recess and asked us into the courtroom.  There were all these people, lawyers, witnesses, jury, etc. The Judge announced to everyone that he had a something important to take care of and sent everyone out in the hallway. Everyone sat and stared at us for a couple seconds not knowing what to do. They eventually got up and filed out of the courtroom.  We were married in front of the Bailiff.  Afterwards he escorted us out in the same hallway where everyone was waiting and announced we were just married.  Everyone clapped and congratulated us.  What a day!! 

Whenever someone asks how we met, I brag about eHarmony and they always say, “I need to try that!”. 

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