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Debra and John

Motley, MN

John and I met on eHarmony at a time in our lives when we both had just about given up on finding true love. I had hopes and dreams of finding the one person that was made truly for me, and I know that John felt that way too. We both had very specific things that we were looking for in a partner. In fact I had a list written of what I really wanted in a partner. John and I got matched and he started communicating with me. We both knew within a very short time that we were perfect for each other...he was the man I had been dreaming of all my life.

We fell in love with each other and also with each others families. Both of our families could see from the very beginning that we were meant to be. We got married a few months ago and couldn't be happier! We are both so thankful for eHarmony and bringing us together...we know that without eHarmony we would never have met. We tell everyone how we met and that they should get on and give it a try. I will spend the rest of my life smiling because of eHarmony! 


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