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Jesaida and Peter

King of Prussia, PA

We were matched on eHarmony by the end of May 2007. We were talking for a couple of weeks before meeting in person. We started dating and very soon become serious. I realized I was in love with him after a couple of weeks of dating, at the Philadelphia Art Museum. For him, it was before that. It took me by surprise, I was ready for a serious relationship, but didn't think I’d fall in love so soon. I took him to Puerto Rico to introduce him to my parents in October. On August he took me to his parent’s house. I realized he was the one before taking him to Puerto Rico.

I was a little nervous and I was very happy that everybody liked him from the beginning; he was approved! June 20th was our first anniversary. We drove separately and pretended it was our first date. It was so funny. He took me by my hand and asked me to go with him to the front door. He went down on his knee, took the ring out of his pocket and asked me, “Will you marry me?” I start crying and said, “Yes!” 

I'm very happy with him; he's so smart, kind, respectful and understanding. We're a perfect match and a great team. He's so silly and he's always joking and making me laugh. Life with him is great! We already have the names for our kids. I want to make him happy. 

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