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Jason and Amy

Truckee, CA

When I first moved to the city, it was fairly easy to meet people. My social circle was strong, and a group of us did something social almost every weekend. Then, we got older. Friends started moving out of the city. Friends started getting married. We all started getting tired much earlier than we used to. Suddenly my social circle was more of a social dot - it was just me left in the city. So, I turned on the computer and started looking on eHarmony, figuring that if someone was serious enough to spend the time filling out eHarmony's questionnaire, then maybe they might be more serious about looking for a match, rather than a date.

Amy showed up within the first couple of weeks. She had such thoughtful answers to my questions and was so beautiful in her pictures; I was thinking this match was too good to be true. It obviously would never work out. Our first date was in her neighborhood, at a great Italian coffee shop in North Beach. I arrived first, set myself up at a table near the door and then Amy walked in. She looked even more beautiful than her pictures. She ordered a coffee and came and sat down and we started talking. I was amazed at how much we had in common and how ever hackneyed this sounds, it was like we were made for each other.

After our coffee we went to a bookstore, browsing titles and joking, and later parting. The time we spent just flew by. My only complaint was that I later found out that Amy had ice cream on her way home after our date and didn't invite me (I later found out that she felt like she didn't want to push her luck). We both were falling for each other fast. This was the last weekend before the Fourth of July week, and we both had made plans to go to Tahoe to spend time with our families. We decided to meet in Tahoe for lunch. Suddenly we were meeting each others' families and that night I think we both knew that we were meant to be together. Currently we live in our favorite place, Tahoe, and are expecting our first child. How can I thank eHarmony enough for putting us together!

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