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Kristy and Walter

Kenosha, WI

Hello eHarmony,

First of all I would love to say thank you!! My husband and I see your commercials all the time and always say we should write to you and tell you the success of our story. Here is our story as best as I can remember.

I had broken off an engagement about 6 months prior to using eHarmony. Actually my Mom thought I needed to get back into the dating world and she took it upon herself to pay for a three month subscription for me. She filled out the basic fields and sent me the rest of the information to finish myself. I was very skeptical since I had gone though internet dating in the past and was not happy with the outcome. During the 3 month subscription my Mom would ask me day after day if I had any matches or was talking to anyone from eHarmony. I always told her no. In reality I was putting no effort into it at all. I think it was the last two weeks of the subscription when I finally decided to respond or actually try and talk to any of my matches only because I felt guilty because my Mom had paid for it.

I responded to Walter and two other matches and figured that was effort enough. Now Walters turn. Walter decided to subscribe to Harmony only because his very close friend was going through a divorce and was just getting back into dating. He didn't have the money to pay for it at the time so Walter offered to pay for both of them. Walter figured, why not, and it was something to do with his friend. He had done some internet dating in the past as well and thought this site looked interesting.

Your site matched Walter and I. Walter read my profile and thought it sounded ok but asked his friend if he thought he should respond to it.  His friend told him why not. So he sent me the five questions. I answered those questions with all the answers he wanted. But before he had a chance to read my responses there was a tragic accident in Walter’s life. The friend that Walter had joined eHarmony with died in a motorcycle accident. This was Walter’s closest friend and it was a terrible time for him. One week after his friend had passed Walter was trying to get back to normal living. One thing he did was read his email. He saw that I had answered his questions. I sent a message and gave him my email address. He wrote me after that and told me briefly about his terrible loss and said I probably wouldn't be interested in getting to know him now. That wasn't all he said. It was a lengthy email and I thought he was well spoken and seemed NORMAL!!

I felt very bad about what he was going through but saw no reason to not continue getting to know him. Our emails quickly became phone calls that lasted all night long. After two weeks of emailing and talking on the phone we had our first date. We went to Summer Fest. From talking to him on the phone I thought he was a great person and couldn't wait to see how I felt when I saw him in person.

Our first date was great. It was the best, most comfortable first date I had ever been on. At one point we were walking through a crowd of people and he grabbed my hand. A tingle went through my whole body and for the rest of the date we held hands.

Eight months later on a trip to Door County for my birthday, Walter asked me to marry him. Of course I said YES!!! And seven months after that we were married!! Our relationship grew fast but we knew from the very start that we had met someone special. So as you can see, there were many things that could have gotten in the way of Walter and I ever meeting. We both believe divine intervention had to make it happen and we couldn't be more happy!

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