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Tracee and Michael

Cranford, NJ

Michael and I met and it is a day I will never forget, the day all of my dreams came true and I found the man I would marry. He truly had me from hello. I have never felt this way in my life and I couldn't be happier. Michael and I feel we are soul mates and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together. Our love continues to grow and become stronger everyday.

Our first Holiday season together was spectacular. Having your soul mate with you makes everything better. This was the first time ever I brought my boyfriend to Thanksgiving with the entire family!! Christmas was even more spectacular. Michael was visiting with his family in Ohio and working shortly before Christmas. He was gone for 10 days and we both missed each other terribly. He came home one day later than he had originally planned and he was being a little mysterious about it and dropping some very curious hints. In the back of my mind I thought maybe this could be "IT" but I couldn't be sure and told no one about it except one friend at work, who was sworn to secrecy. So Michael arrived home that evening, Thursday, December 21st. We were so excited and happy to see one another. Michael seemed anxious and insisted that I open one of my Christmas gifts....So after some discussion I agreed and we each opened one gift. I shook it and it was liquid. He warned me that once I opened it that my mind would be racing...I open it up and it was diamond and jewelry cleaner. After a short time we decided to open another gift. We started a tradition together, that each Christmas we will get each other an ornament that signifies a special event in the past year or a trip or something special in our lives. So our ornaments were the next gift we opened. We were both thrilled with our ornaments and started to cry and we embraced. Then, Michael suggested we put some music on. He is trying to find "our" song, "You had me from hello", by Kenny Chesney. Well we can't find the CD. He was already on the floor, still trying to find that Kenny Chesney CD and as we embraced he leaned over and grabbed something from under the couch. He is on one knee and pulls out this white box..... He simply said, "Tracee" and I immediately was in shock and just started crying and hugging and kissing him, then he asked me to marry him.....Me still crying and hugging and kissing said YES!; nothing would make me happier than to be your wife! So then he said something like, well do you want to see the ring?? He picked out the perfect ring and I couldn't be happier.

Of course all of my friends and family know our amazing love story. I make sure to tell all of my single friends about eHarmony and how I really think it works. One of my close friends at my office tried eHarmony and she was as skeptical as I was and she has just recently met the man she is going to marry....It is so exciting to hear her story and so much of it reminds me of Michael and I. We even shout out in the office "Thanks, Dr. Warren!" and we are getting more and more people to join because they know first hand of 2 success stories! Thank you eHarmony!

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