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Mallory and Scott

San Diego, California

The conversation was always flowing, fun and filled with large amounts of dry humor and sarcasm, which matched both of our personalities perfectly. While our first date was the rather traditional drinks and great conversation, our second date kicked it up a notch and birthed a tradition that we still have going today…Tuesday date themes that always start with a “T.” From our first, which was Tide Pool Tuesday (nobody fell in for a swim, unfortunately) to others such as food themed Thai Tuesday or the most extreme (Mike) Tyson Tuesday (eye tattoos not included), each has brought out the same carefree and fun loving attitude that attracted us to each other in the first place. 

Besides our Tuesday “T” days, Mallory and I have enjoyed everything from cooking together, walks along the harbor at night, hikes, group outings with family or friends, and of course our favorite, watching her tap dancing dog give live performances at night. While we both have enjoyed every moment of each of these outings, and many others, I think I can speak for both of us when I say the #1 thing that has helped create such a great bond in a short amount of time are the endless conversations that we fall into on a daily basis. Some may be on the fun side, some may be serious side, and some may even be about topics that aren’t easy for one of us to open up about, but no matter which category the conversation falls into, they are each valued and enjoyed as much as the previous ones…and the many more to come. 

You often hear people speak of “the moment” they knew they had found that special someone. I’m not writing to say thank you for providing me with that one singular “moment,” I’m writing to tell you thank you for introducing me to an incredible, caring and beautiful young woman who provides me with countless moments on a daily basis that warm my heart and make me feel eternally grateful for the many moments from our past…and the many, many more to come! 

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