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Korinne and Doug

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

We had each gone on a couple of eHarmony dates that were lackluster, but when we met for the first time everything mapped out in a perfect spontaneity that would lead us to enduring love and marriage. Prior to meeting face to face, we had conversed thru email where it became clear we enjoyed and loved life through laughter.  On our first date I remember walking in and seeing her, and I was instantly struck by how pretty she is, even more pretty in person than in her photos. 

Within the first 5 minutes of our conversation it was evident that we would get along: laughing at Jim Gaffigan jokes, challenging each other over who knew more about Seinfeld, discussing the new bar that offered ping pong as their main attraction.  Quite naturally the date progressed to a duel of ping pong; however, the warm summer day yielded to a late afternoon downpour, and caught us off guard in our attempt to relocate to our ping pong match. 

While waiting underneath the awning, hoping to call a cab, a group of girls walked in with their umbrellas, and Korinne had the audacity to say, "Twenty dollars for your umbrella".  She looked back, perplexed at first, and then must've gleaned the beckoning of our universal fate together.  She handed over the umbrella and we walked romantically thru the storm all the way up King Street. 

I ended up getting soaked regardless, but will be forever grateful to that girl who gifted us our first chance to be close.  I won't say who won the match, but I will say that our relationship took flight quite naturally and effortlessly, and we haven't looked back since.   

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