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Tabitha and Nick

San Diego, CA

He couldn’t date the people he worked with mainly because he works for his family as a property manager and tenants are off limits for the right reasons. Meeting your special person at the bar just carries that horrible stigma, and trying to strike up a conversation at the grocery store these days is just plain stalker talk. Nick knew what he had to do.

Meanwhile, Tabitha lived by herself in North Park working as a preschool teacher. She also couldn’t date the people she worked with: they were all women. The bars were getting old and she was tired of all her friends trying so hard to set her up. It came down to a moment in her life when she found herself drinking a glass of wine and staring at the wall in her apartment because she had no TV where she had an epiphany.

Nick and Tabitha both joined eHarmony and were instantly a perfect match. After a couple weeks of conversation, their first date was at Toronado in North Park where they instantly hit it off over a couple craft beers. They planned many trips together. Nick took Tabitha to Catalina for a few days where he took her snorkeling around Cherry Cove and showed her all the wonderful creatures that live in the sea. They went on a trip to the Pacific Northwest where Nick showed Tabitha the UW campus, introduced her to his family and also took a trip to Vancouver where they spent a few great days outdoors. After dating for 6 months, Nick woke up one morning knowing he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Tabitha.

Their week long Mexican Riviera cruise was already booked and he made sure the propsal would be a perfect surprise. The ring was slipped into his breast pocket of his sports jacket on the evening of the first night of their voyage to Mexico. They brought a bottle of red wine to the dinner table where their sommelier applauded their local taste of Temecula vin. They enjoyed a nice romantic meal and afterwards headed to the navigation deck under the moon and stars aboard the Zaandam. To Nick’s surprise there was nobody in sight but his beautiful girlfriend, and it was at that moment with the wind whipping their hair, and the twinkle in Tabitha’s eyes that he stopped, dropped to one knee and asked Tabitha Ann Steffier to marry him.  

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