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Joyce and Rick

Modesto, CA

I am writing to update our success story via eHarmony. My name is Joyce and I’m a 42 year old mother and bride to be. I lost my husband after 16 wonderful years of marriage due to a massive heart attack. Our family suffered a great loss and we were devastated and I never thought I would find my way out of darkness. As time went on, I found myself spending more time with my adult daughters and their friends. One night as we were watching TV, we came across an eHarmony commercial and my daughter said I should give it a try. I replied, “Yeah right a woman my age, being a widower and having 3 grown children, who would be interested in me?” My daughter said I needed to try something new and informed me it wouldn’t cost me a thing, that it was a free weekend communications with eHarmony.

Still feeling like nobody would be interested, my daughter pulled me to the computer and started the process for me. Once my profile was set up, all I could think was, “what have I gotten myself into?” After 2 weeks of checking my online profile and viewing possible matches, I still was hesitant. Then one day I came across a certain profile and after reading his bio, I thought, “hmmm ok he seems unique.” Well his name was “Rick from Manteca, CA” and I made the first move and sent him the first 5 questions. But before I sent him the questions I showed his profile to my daughters and my best friend, and they all told me to go for it. A couple days went by and I started to feel like he wasn’t interested, because he never responded. So, I decided to close the match, and just gave up and felt like I was just wasting my time.

Then the next day as I got online to check my email I had an email communication from Rick. So I opened it and was surprised to see that he had responded and said, “I think if we met, you would feel differently about me!”  That night I went out for dinner with my best friend and told her about the response and she said to reply and see where it leads me. After some fast track communications, cell phone text msgs and actual phone conversations, we decided to meet for the first time. It just so happens I was having a family and friends 4th of July BBQ and I asked Rick if he wanted to attend and bring his sons. He said he would love to and couldn’t wait to meet me. I was so nervous and had butterflies in my stomach and thought as soon as our eyes meet I just hope I don’t disappoint him.

Well the BBQ started at 4:00pm and 4:30 went by, 5:00 went by and I started to get an uneasy feeling. All my guests started to tell me that I got stood up, but being familiar with law enforcement hours and Rick working the 12 hour graveyard shifts and being a CHP Officer I had a strong feeling that he had overslept, still giving him the benefit of the doubt. Well sure enough he had over slept, and to this day he thanks me for being genuinely concerned and not upset that he was 1 ½ hours late. Our first date was very nerve racking but as the day went on, we realized how much we had in common. As our relationship started to move forward, we both realized we wanted to be together always. We both knew what we wanted in life and in love. There’s so much more to talk and write about, but all I can say is that when friends old and new ask us how we met, we both look at each other and laugh and tell them we met on eHarmony.

We share our story and tell friends that we are a living testament that eHarmony does work!!!! I had the honor of meeting my future in-laws who flew in from North Carolina to attend our engagement party and fell in love with them immediately and could not thank them enough for raising such a wonderful son. We both feel like we have known each other for years and cannot be without each other. Once again eHarmony, from the bottom of our hearts we sincerely thank you for bringing 2 lost souls together for life and love happily ever after!!!

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