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Tomas and Basia

Carol Stream, IL

I joined eHarmony with the purpose to find my partner for life. I signed up for three months and right from the beginning I knew I will have to meet a lot of girls to find the right one. It was like a part time job for me. After I came home from work I went on-line and started sending and answering all the questions I could. After about a week I had three dates set up. My third date was Basia. When I read her profile something was telling me that she is a lot of fun. On the top of that she is blond and I always dated brunettes because I was attracted to them more. But somehow her profile felt through the filters in my mind and I was looking forward to meet her.

Basia’s membership expired but the matches were still coming to her email. There she saw my profile and decided to sign up for three months just to have a chance to see who is this guy. At least that is what I like to think about her motives. I’m so thankful that she invested the money to meet with me otherwise we would not have met.   

The first date was set in the restaurant and everything was going like in the movies. Great conversation, total attraction, sparks were flying all around us. After dinner we went to a ball dance. It was optional in case we do not like each other but right from the beginning we knew that this was our chance to dance all night. It was fantastic. We had so much fun and I have never felt like this. It was the best first date I have ever had. The following week we were meeting in coffee shops and from that moment we spent every weekend together.

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