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James and Emily

Toledo, OH

I had no intention of meeting anyone, let alone getting married.  I had gotten out of a five year relationship the previous year where I was engaged to be married.  That woman left me rather harshly, and I had a bitter taste in my mouth about dating!  I signed on to eHarmony to take the personality profile to see if I thought it was accurate!  Then I received the email about having matches.  Emily was the first person who contacted me.  I talked with a few other people, but Emily and I had something special.  It took us around a month to talk over the phone.  The conversations increased rapidly in both length and frequency.  We decided to meet.

I drove up to her area (we were about an hour apart), and we met for what was supposed to be lunch and a movie.  I saw her walk in and had a funny feeling come over me.  Within two or three hours I knew I was in serious trouble!  That lunch and movie date ended up lasting 10 1/2 hours.  Five days later we became an official couple.  Emily's family embraced me with open arms, and got a kick out of how we met.  After being in a long term relationship before, I knew what was missing, and I found it all in both Emily and her family. 

The ring was purchased around Valentine's Day - Emily designed it herself during a special purchase event - but it was locked up away until June.  Over Memorial Day weekend I asked her parent's blessing, which they gave.  Emily's dad said he knew it was coming, and told me about the changes he saw in Emily since we started dating - she had a "new step," and "lights up when she is around me."  I asked him for his blessing, and he said, "You’re blessed!"  My father, who is not the easiest person to warm up to, told Emily to keep doing exactly what she was doing, because he had never seen me so happy.  I had a special getaway weekend planned where I was going to propose.  However, two days before the weekend started, Emily's mom, who embraced me like a son, was going to Las Vegas.  I knew she would let me have it if I proposed while she was away, so I decided while I was driving up to Emily's house - with the ring in my pocket - that I was going to propose, which I did, on her back patio. 

It has been an incredible experience, and it never would have happened without eHarmony.  We never would have met, and we really are each other's soul mates and compliments.  I could not do anything without her now, and the thought of doing so makes me tear up.  Thank you, eHarmony, from the bottom of my, and our, hearts. 

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