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Tom and Robbie

Phoenix, AZ

Being a widower and having been happily married for eighteen years, when I decided to start dating again I really had no idea what I was looking for in a woman. I was raising two active teenage daughters and had no time or interest really in the bar scene. So I decided to go the online route to try and meet someone.

I tried the big open dating sites first and found out quickly that a lot of people on them where just trading their bar stool for a mouse. Success in meeting quality people seemed to be how well you could market yourself and how well you could play the game. It also seemed that being honest was not a good quality in that when you finally got to meet someone they tended not to be the person you thought they were.

When I tried eHarmony I found that the quality of the matches were much better. The people seemed to be a lot more honest and I seemed to be a lot more compatible with them.

On April 15th 2006 I was matched with Robbie. I really liked what she had to say in her profile and as an added bonus she was beautiful! I was hesitant at first to try and communicate with her. First she was very beautiful and I figured she was to going to receive an onslaught of requests from every man she was matched with. Second I saw in her profile she had three teenagers at home full time and I figured she would have so many choices that a full time dad of twin teenage girls would not look too appealing. But you never achieve anything if you don’t try, so I sent my first communication.

It took a couple of days but she did respond to me. We slowly went through the Q&A period and I really liked all of her answers. I guess she liked mine as well so we moved into open communication. Communications at first were a little slow and I thought tentative, but I learned she was just really shy! So we took it slow and got to know each other gradually moving to direct email and eventually to talking over the phone.

Finally on May 20th 2006 we had our first date and it was instant sparks! We had a nice dinner, a gondola ride and we talked for hours. We continued dating and getting to know each other better which was not always that easy. She lived in another town 45 minutes away and was as dedicated to her three teens as I was to my two. So on Friday nights she would be at their high school football game watching her daughter perform on the cheer line and I would be at our high school football game watching my daughters performing the halftime show with the band.  But we managed to make it work and managed to fall in love at the same time.

Besides the sparks that fly when we are together we are extremely compatible. We share the same beliefs and values. We like the same movies and most of the same music. When we are in a restaurant we will choose the same item on the menu, which is really nice since we know to share most meals now.

So on Valentine’s Day 2007 at the site of our first date I surprised her with very large diamond ring as a sign of my commitment and love to her. I promised her I would be there for her no matter how hard it got and no matter how long it took for us to finally be together full time.  I gave her the choice of wearing it on her left or right hand and she chose the left!

So we are looking forward to the day that our children are all off to college, setting the date for the wedding and spending the rest of our lives together!

Thanks eHarmony! 

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