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Charles and Kelsi

Owings Mills, MD

Sitting home alone on Christmas Eve, I was feeling sorry for myself. I had been on the dating scene for some time and had encountered a lot of wonderful people, but something was missing; a spark. That undeniable connection that occurs when Cupid unleashes love's arrow. Although I wasn't having any trouble meeting people, I decided to expand my search by entering the online dating scene.

Across town Kelsi had been looking for love as well, but had yet to meet anyone with whom she really connected. She was a single mother who had recently moved back to the area to be near family while raising her young daughter. Being a bit shy, Kelsi decided online dating would be a good way for her to meet others and get to know them before meeting face-to-face. Up until now she hadn't been having any success with the online dating scene. As luck would have it, that was about to change.
I decided that my Christmas gift to myself would be a renewed subscription to eHarmony. After recounting some of my most successful matches, I realized that eHarmony had paired me with the most interesting and like-minded people. Almost immediately I received new matches, and almost as fast I received my first communication from Kelsi. I admit that at first I maintained a bit of skepticism, and my normal “play it cool” attitude required that I wait a couple of days before responding.  Yet Kelsi didn't seem to play by these same rules, for as soon as I would reply there would be a response from her in what seemed like only minutes. I recall that during our first open communication, I was immediately struck that I had found someone who put as much effort and thought into their responses as I did!

Kelsi remembers being matched with me, "When I first saw Chuck's profile, I looked at his pictures and saw a man with a wonderful smile and bright eyes. These two qualities have always attracted me, so I was intrigued enough to look further. I noticed many things I liked, especially how he was looking for someone special. I could tell he was looking for a serious relationship. I initiated communication, and was disappointed when I didn't hear anything back that same day. Two days later, I received his reply and was happy to discover he was interested in me as well and how much we had in common."

After several weeks of emails, we planned our first date. At this point we already knew we connected well in several different areas, but how would we feel when we first saw one another? As Kelsi arrived, I leaned over to direct her where to park and got my first glimpse of her. Immediately my heart sunk deep in my chest and I began feeling butterflies. Kelsi was stunning. Absolutely beautiful.  Kelsi's reaction? "That night, when we met, he says it was love at first sight. I wasn't so quick to act. I knew I really liked him, but it took a few more hours for me to realize that I was going to marry him." After a romantic dinner, we chose to go ice skating only to find the ice rink closed. Not wanting to end the night so soon, we decided to return to my house and watch a movie. However, it wasn't until after the movie did we really begin to talk and truly discover each other and the future started to reveal itself. We talked that night about our lives, our interests, and our goals and dreams. We both realized by the end of the evening we would spend the rest of our lives together.

Our relationship grew, and before long I started planning a proposal. I devised a plan to propose to Kelsi as her knight in shining armor astride a white stallion. Given that I had never ridden a horse, I contacted a local stable and began riding lessons. Soon after I also located a costume shop and found a knight's costume. Everything was going according to plan. Finally, the big day came. I called Kelsi and told her that my car had broken down and asked for her help. In reality, I had given her directions to the stables. Before she was to arrive I was going through a final run-through when the horse spooked and took off running. Apparently the horse had been frightened by the sound of the clattering suit of armor. Being a novice rider, I was unable to hold on and was thrown head first into a concrete barrier. The helmet split in half and I received a few deep cuts and had a mild concussion. It wasn't long before sirens gave way to the arrival of an ambulance.

As I was being wheeled into the emergency room, dazed and with a deep gash in my ear, I saw Kelsi by my side. By this time she had figured what was supposed to happen, and told me I could delay my plan for another time. I told her that I wasn't about to wait any longer, and as I tried to sit up from my hospital bed I drew the ring from my pocket. As Kelsi leaned closer, I looked into her eyes and asked her, "Will you marry me?" "Of course!" she replied. The entire emergency room erupted into a cheering crowd.

The next several months were amazing. We couldn't wait to be married, so we planned and had a beautiful wedding on the beach of the eastern shore in Oxford, Maryland. We shared a magical honeymoon in Hawaii on the islands of Oahu and Maui.
And we lived happily ever after...

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