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Singles with Children

Colleen and Christopher

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

At the time, my youngest daughter (then two) had just spent a week in the hospital, and it just was not the time to start a relationship. Still, we had exchanged a few e-mails, tagged each other on facebook, and even exchanged phone numbers. 

I basically disappeared from the e-Harmony/dating scene for awhile due to everything going on with my daughter and myself (having recently been diagnosed with Lupus.)  I distinctly remember the first text message that I ever received from Chris.  It was Mother's day 2010, and I received a message from a number that I did not recognize at all saying "Happy mother's day" ..  I was standing in my own mother's kitchen when it came in. 

After responding back and in turn finding out that the text came from Chris.. my mom had made a comment about how sweet it was that he had remembered I had kids and taken the time to text, even tho we had never met face to face or even spoken over the phone. After that, we kept in touch over facebook for a few months, but again, nothing more. 

Fast forward to December of 2010.  My daughters and I were living in Pittsburgh in an area known for flooding and the local news station interviewed people on my street.  Low and behold, I got my 15 minutes of fame, and was featured on the news.  I posted a link on facebook.  And for whatever insane crazy reason, that video of me - at 9:00 at night, in my PJs, with my two crazy daughters running around squealing in the background because there is a cameraman at our door - sparked his interest. 

We finally met a few weeks after Christmas, and the rest, as they say.. is history.  

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