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Corie and Brian

Rochester, Minnesota

After a few weeks of matches not seeming like the right fit I expanded my search area. It wasn't long until Brian popped up in my matches and I was intrigued instantly, by not only his obvious good looks, but his profile seemed so genuine, down to earth AND he had tattoos which I've always been a sucker for, I knew I had to get to know him more.

There was something very unique about each of our profiles as well. Mine revealed that I was a mother to the cutest, most charismatic 5 year old son (Keaton). Brian's profile revealed to me that he was a paraplegic and was in a wheelchair. Being that I had worked in the healthcare field since the age of 17 the wheelchair did not deter me for one moment. 

It's been a little over 2-1/2years now since we have been together (1-1/2 years engaged)  and we are just a little over 4 months away from "The Big Day!" We are both getting more and more excited as the day gets closer. We say all the time how glad we were that we used eHarmony and how accurate it was for us!

It seems like everyday we discover something new about each other that just brings us closer, happier and shows us that we were really meant for one another. Most recently I've realized how lucky I am that Brian is such a HUGE help in all the wedding planning  (which is rare for a man!)  :) He has literally taken multiple tasks and said, "Don't worry about this one, I've got it." Now that's a good man!

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