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Annie and Mitch

Apple Valley, MN


But in February of 2010 after a record horrible Valentine's Day, I threw my snobbiness and my time-table away. Another friend of mine had recently been telling me her eHarmony stories and that she would help me do it. Sooo... I did it. After 5 years of looking down my nose at people who can't meet someone "naturally," I jumped in.

My first day, I was sent 9 people, and 8 of them were not perfect enough for me.  I called eHarmony to cancel, and the lady on the phone told me something like, "The statistics for meeting your soul mate are better if you don't quit you know..." Great, awesome. I told her I'd be single for life then - but I still didn't have a choice. At that point, I couldn't cancel.

I didn't look at my eHarmony profile again for weeks. I pulled it up once when a friend of mine was having guy trouble to show her that there are nice guys left.  But I never "Requested Communication" because... God works through the grocery store!!

On March 28th, 6 weeks after I joined E-harmony, I stood on my condo deck frustrated about a failed business situation. I felt like I'd been rather unlucky lately and asked God for one little thing... just SOMETHING to make me feel lucky again -- i.e. a butterfly landing on my arm, a $100 bill floating through the sky. But again, he doesn't work through stuff like that. So I went inside, opened my computer, and went to eHarmony...

Mitch wanted to talk :)

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