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Denise and Paul

Fountain Valley, CA

Let me just say my friends encouraged me to try online dating; I originally wanted nothing to do with it. Paul was my first and only eHarmony date; I was on the phone with friend on my way to the date trying to find a good excuse to back out. Boy am I glad I didn't.

Paul and I have an amazing connection. We have had it since our first date. We completely understand each other, even when no one else does. He knows when I am scared, tired, hurting, exhilarated, happy, all without me having to tell him. He appreciates me for me. He respects and cherishes me, which I was not sure was possible in this world. I am the luckiest woman in the world. He is a terrific stepfather to my son, and I believe he will tell you I am just as good to his children. We both feel overwhelmingly lucky we had you to help us connect. Thanks for everything.

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