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Chryl and Rusty

Houston, TX

True to my skeptical nature, I did not believe in Internet dating. So, I was amazed 18 months ago to find myself in front of a computer, answering questions on the eHarmony web site. Needless to say, I was truly stunned when I ended up meeting a man who would change my life. I think the reason I went on your website was an article I had read in the Houston Chronicle. It said that of all the internet dating sites, yours was the safest, largely due to the personality inventory. I was not really expecting to meet my "soul mate", but I did like the idea of a safe environment. I was a single mom, aged 51. I had raised 2 daughters, who were now going off to college; and for the first time I found myself alone and wanting a relationship.

Across town there was a man who had also raised 2 children. His wife had died 5 years earlier with leukemia, and in his grief, he decided after his children were grown he would buy a boat, get a dog and explore the world alone. Luckily for me, he did get the boat but didn't set sail. Instead, he found himself on the eHarmony web site at the suggestion of his secretary. I think the amazing thing is that he was the first match I received. We had both entered into eHarmony fully committed, and faithfully responded to all emails; and for that I am very glad, because at first I thought he was a lousy match......Rusty's profile talked so much about hunting and fishing that I thought he was a mountain man who ate bark off trees for breakfast. But each time he wrote, I thought his sense of humor was great. I was always smiling and laughing by the time I finished the email. (He still makes me laugh by the way). Finally, I had to meet him. Our first date lasted over 4 hours. We were the last to leave the restaurant and we still had more to talk about. I found that he was not a mountain man, but very sophisticated, intelligent, an avid reader, and as expected, very funny.

Fourteen months later we were married. People have been amazed how easy it has been for us and for our 4 children to blend into a family. I think the reason is because we are so well matched. We have the same values, and so we raised our children in the same fashion. Consequently our children are well matched, just as we are. It's funny because now we realize that we know a lot of people in common, but none of our mutual friends ever thought to introduce us. It took your computer to do that!

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