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Singles with Children

Elizabeth and Tom

Medfield, MA

We met on eHarmony in October of 2007 - and we have been together ever since.  We are both middle aged (Tom is 50; Elizabeth is 48), have been married before, and between us we have three boys.  The things we first noticed about each other were the similarities in our profiles - the most influential person in Tom's life is his grandfather; the most influential in Elizabeth's life is her grandmother. 

We shared an instant ease with each other because we knew that we both valued our children and our families.  The best part about our compatibility is the amount of laughter we share whether we are away alone together or doing yard work, or ferrying kids back and forth or just talking about our day together.  We waited a long time to find the love of our lives and we are ecstatic that at long last we have!!!  Thank you, eHarmony, for introducing us!!!  

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