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Singles with Children

Michael and Alice

Ellerslie, GA

I had tried eHarmony once before and didn’t have any luck, actually I didn’t have any matches at all come up so I was reluctant to try any online dating sites again but being a single parent made it hard to really get out and meet people.  So I decided to give eHarmony another try.  I had a lot of matches this time but only one really stood out and we started communicating regularly.  Alice and I went out on our fist date on August 11, 2006.  Both Alice and I had been married previously and we both had children from our first marriages.  It was one of the reasons we got along so well.  We each understood what it meant to be a single parent and how important a close and strong family was to both of us. 

We went to dinner and a movie on our first date but had to cut it short.  I don’t think she thought I would really call her back but I knew I had found the one I wanted to be with.  Not only did we get along but our families really got along as well. 

We got formally engaged on October 21st, 2006.  Since we both have a love for the outdoors and an interest in the renaissance period of history, we decided to have an outdoor themed wedding.  We were married on March 17th, 2007 and just celebrated our 2nd anniversary.  Times have been rough with the economy the way it is but we both know we will be happy as long as we have each other.  We fit so well together that no one ever would know that we are a blended family.  To my son Alice is simply Mom, and to her daughter, I’m just Dad.  We are a very happy and blessed family, thanks to eHarmony for bringing us together.   You brought not only my wife and I together but you brought our families together.  


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