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Ron and Nicole

Newtown Square, PA

For Nicole, subscribing to eHarmony was supposed to be an exercise in distraction.  She never really intended to find a long-term relationship since she was still recovering from the pain of losing her husband the year before.  Her life was full enough at that point between her work and her home life raising three children probably wouldn’t allow her social life to exactly flourish.  She filled out the information in broad strokes and with casual intention and then signed up for the three month program.  Little did she know how popular she would be!  It was a combination of all her good traits, her intelligence, her kindness, her quiet demure… and quite honestly she was gorgeous.  It didn’t take her long before she had gone out on a couple of dates with a few matches, but something was missing in each of them.  That’s when her profile crossed Ron’s path. 

Ron had been previously married as well which ended in divorce a few years ago after discovering his ex-wife’s infidelity.  He hadn’t given up on the notion of happy, healthy, exciting love though.  Ron’s plan was similar to Nicole’s but he approached it with a more long-term goal in mind.  He carefully crafted his eHarmony profile making sure that he stuck out from the rest of the crowd.  He had good intentions of finding that long term relationship but he would only commit if he found just the right person.  Meanwhile he planned on enjoying a casual dating lifestyle in order to meet other people for fun and friendship.  Unlike Nicole, Ron was a little more pessimistic but no less adventurous he committed to a year subscription at eHarmony and held his breath to see what would become of the gamble. 

As fate would have it, had they been just a little more staggered in their timing they may have never met but to both of their surprise they met within Nicole’s first three days and Ron’s first three weeks.  In Ron, Nicole saw confidence, intelligence, optimism and fun! Ron was unlike most matches in that he actually wanted to communicate extensively before meeting.  Ron made her feel safe and eHarmony provided the perfect platform for screening matches to help Nicole navigate through the strange waters of internet dating.

They began to go through the process of questions and answers, liking each other more and more with each exciting new response.  By the time that they reached open communication they were both eager to find out more about each other.  Ron took full advantage of the open format, sending fun and probing questions that Nicole thought was entertaining and revealing of his inquisitive nature.  Nicole responded in kind, being fun and flirty and full of questions of her own.  Hardly a day passed when they weren’t asking and answering, joking and laughing… and learning as much about each other as they did about themselves.  Ron had earned Nicole’s trust and soon they were talking on the phone (their first conversation was on April Fool’s Day) and soon they were setting up their first date.  A few weeks later they finally found themselves face-to-face, smiling at each other like a couple of awkward school kids.  Ron had prepared a Scavenger Hunt list to use at a local mall, and they immediately set off on their first date playing and laughing and enjoying each other’s company as if they had known each other for years (by the way Ron won the Scavenger Hunt, but Nicole was pretty competitive).  They went to dinner and chatted more than they ate.  The night ended way too soon and before they knew it they were the last ones left at the restaurant. 

A second date followed and a third.  Since they both had kids they eventually introduced the families and they got along great.  It was a match made in heaven, but with some help from our friends over at eHarmony.  Things have been going great ever since.

Ron proposed to Nicole six months later, just a few days before her 38th birthday.  He put the most brilliant, beautiful heart-shaped diamond ring on her finger and she said “yes!”.  They are set to be married this July 4, 2009 in a suburb of Philadelphia, and as cliché as it sounds, the fireworks between the two lovebirds will be brighter and ring out louder than the ones that will be witnessed anywhere else that night.

Thank you, eHarmony, for helping it all happen.  We would love for you to share our story. 

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