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eHarmony Success Stories

Singles with Children

Carolyn and Chris

Cary, NC

I was a single mom of two children ages two and five.  I had dated lots of people before joining eHarmony.  I was frustrated because it seemed all the good guys were taken.  Dating in your thirties with two children is definitely difficult!  The personality profile seemed to describe me perfectly, so I thought I would give it a try.  I was on eHarmony several months before a match came along that I was really interested in meeting. 

We exchanged a few emails.  I told him I had two small children and if that scared him, he was free to go running away!  He replied it didn’t bother him because he had three of his own!  We met one day for lunch, and we were an immediate match.  We almost finished each other’s sentences.  We found we had lots in common - the same values, sense of humor, etc.  After several months of dating, Chris proposed and on August 30th, 2008 we were married at Duke Gardens.  It was a beautiful ceremony which involved all five children(ages 15, 12,11, 7 and 4).

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