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Amy and Jason

Peoria, AZ

Jason was actually matched with my friend Heidi on eHarmony. They went on a date and she told me he was a wonderful man, and she thought he was really kind (but too intellectual for her because he had a Ph.D.) and that I should call him. I never did, but joined eHarmony, too, because she was meeting really wonderful people. Well, Jason was one of my first matches! I was attracted to him because he seemed intellectual, supportive, and caring. At 30, I was beginning to think that my idealistic notion of love might be too perfectionist. eHarmony proved me wrong. I am now with my soul mate. I mean, how else can you explain being with someone who wants to discuss quantum physics and its application to existential theory over red wine after a half-marathon training run? And in areas where we don't share common traits, we complement one another quite nicely!

My friend Heidi, just got married from her match on eHarmony! And our other best friend Teri is engaged to someone she met on eHarmony! My other good friend Tiffany has been dating a match on eHarmony for about 5 months and is completely in love like she never thought she could be! I told my friends we should do a 6 degrees of separation commercial for you guys!!


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