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eHarmony Success Stories

Science of Love

Angelique and Christopher

Newport News, VA

We both decided to try eHarmony after a suggestion from others.  It all began with....... “Hello Angelique, We'd like to introduce you to Christopher from Newport News, Virginia.”  And...”Hello Christopher, We'd like to introduce you to Angelique from Hampton, Virginia.”

Starting June 1, 2008, we swept through an amazing first month of dates and magic that included lots of ice cream, sitting in bird poop, lots of eating out, mini golf, more ice cream, a mountain getaway, a crazy car ride in Charlottesville, and even more ice cream.

After our fist date, we were inseparable. I always tell people that I feel like I ordered Christopher from a menu - he is everything I have always dreamed of and wanted in a partner.  The secret formula that eHarmony uses to match people is amazing.  We are compatible in every way - even our differences complement each other. I am thankful that I took a chance and signed up for eHarmony.

I have never experienced a love like the one I share with Christopher.

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