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Mark and Jennifer

Cromwell, CT

eHarmony could not have done a better job of bringing two people together.  I was sent to Jennifer as a match and we quickly realized that we had so much in common.  Not only because we are both musicians, which was the first hook, but as we got to know each other, we soon began to realize that we shared so many of the same fundamental values in life.  While it usually took several weeks to correspond with someone new before open communication over the phone, it took us a matter of a few days.  We quickly responded to each other to move through the process before getting to open communication.  I so clearly remember the excitement of quickly getting responses from Jennifer. And then about a week after we had initially responded to each other, we made arrangements to have our fist date which incidentally was Jennifer's birthday.

The minute we met in the restaurant there was a certain spark of chemistry that I cannot describe.  Not only were the fundamental values all there, but an immediate physical attraction as well.  Rather than the first casual date of just saying hello, we had dinner and continued to talk for hours afterward, departing anxious to see each other again.

As it all unfolded over a matter of months we knew that we had finally found our life partner.  I had been searching for 8 years while Jennifer had been searching for 12.  We had a beautiful wedding on Cape Cod with family and friends and now reside in my home in CT.  I look forward to many years of happiness together and most of all thank eHarmony for their methodical approach to finding that special match. 

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