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Carol and Don

Chino Hills, CA

Dear eHarmony Staff,

Don and I, both previously married and a bit worn out from subsequent dating experiences, tried eHarmony on a last ditch effort to find someone to share some companionship, We never realized that it would lead us to finding the love of our lives and discovering that we could have been destined to be together.

 The first thing that attracted me to Don was his profile. He seemed so real, not like the “player” type that you tend to find on other online dating programs where it seems that the guy is not really serious about finding someone for a relationship. As we continued to open communication, it was clear that we were very comfortable with each other. Even our sense of humor connected. After talking on the phone and emailing for about two weeks, Don asked me out to dinner for a first date.  He arrived promptly and it was clear that we were a little bit nervous but as they say “the eyes don’t lie” and we could tell that we were physically attracted to each other. When we left my condo and headed toward his car in the parking lot, I saw a bright red Corvette that I’ve never seen in this parking lot before. As he lead me closer to the car I realized that it was his. Thinking of stereotypical images of men who drive these cars, I laughed and said, “Oh no”, secretly wondering if he was just another player. He acknowledged my reaction, laughed and said modestly, “I know, I’ve heard it all. It’s just a car.” His genuinely humble attitude was a characteristic that endeared me to him early on. It struck us how easy it was to communicate because we seemed so similar in many important ways. After taking me home, we shared a kiss that felt like “more”, but being a gentleman, Don took his leave after assuring me he would call. And call he did the next day. Strong feelings between us were evident within a month of dating.  We became engaged at that intimate little Italian restaurant where we went on our first date.

During our engagement, we discovered while chatting about events in our past that we had met around 1969 at Disneyland and had danced together. The revelation began as I was sharing stories of how much I enjoyed dancing even as a child. I told him that when I was about 10, my parents and I came out to California from Chicago for a vacation. We went to Disneyland and I remembered a handsome teenage boy asked me to dance at the Tomorrowland Terrace. Don, listening to my story looked shocked and said, “Carol, you’re never going to believe this. When I was about 18, I used to go to Disneyland with my friends almost every Friday and go dancing at the Tomorrowland Terrace. One night we were dancing together and I noticed a cute little girl bebopping around looking like she was dying to go out there and dance, so I asked her and we danced together. She said she was from Chicago.”

At our wedding in March of this year, Don took the microphone from the DJ and he told this story to all of our cherished family and friends. Some may have doubted the truth of the story, but most were truly touched and shared our story with others. We’ve talked about how incredible it was that we could be reconnected in this way confirming that we were soul mates destined to be together and eHarmony made that connection. We’ve learned that if it’s right, it can be so easy. Unlike the struggling efforts we made in past semi-compatible relationships. Thank you eHarmony!


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