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Heidi and Alex

Durham, North Carolina

I was introduced to Alex as friend of a friend and we began talking. I told him about being on eHarmony and how I had a date later that night, and he overwhelmed me with questions. I had already convinced 3 of my friends to join, so I was pretty good at talking up the process by the time Alex came along.

We talked for about an hour before I had to leave for my date. Our conversation strayed from internet dating to the usual topics: what do you do? Where did you go to college? Are you from this area originally? etc. We had a lot in common, but I was anticipating my date that evening and not really thinking about him as anything other than what he was…a friend of a friend. 

My date that night went well. I actually saw that guy 3 more times before deciding we were better off as friends. As time passed, I didn't really give Alex a second thought until I got on my eHarmony account 2 weeks or so after our first meeting to check out my new matches. Much to my surprise, there was a picture and name I recognized. I literally laughed out loud. Had he been on the site all along and allowed me to talk about it in such depth, or had I convinced another person to join?

I had to know, so against my usual eHarmony protocol, I skipped to open communication banking on the fact that he would remember me and not think I was some creepy girl being too forward. I sent him a flirty message accusing him of letting me drone on about the site when he was already a member…letting me be the one to fess up to the often stigmatized “internet dating” while he sat there silently knowing I was not alone.

After two days I still didn't have a response, so I assumed he had either not recognized me and ignored my request for open communication, or my teasing had gone too far, and he had been too embarrassed to respond. Just when I had given up on him, he sent a message back explaining that he had not been a member, but that I had convinced yet another person to join the site (apparently I should be making a commission as he was the 4th of 5 people I have convinced to join). We began communicating back and forth joking about how apparently we were more compatible than we had realized. After another 2 weeks of texting and messaging we decided to get together. As they say the rest is history. 

In the 2 years we've been together, we have been through a lot. I shattered my knee cap and had major surgery (including a year long recovery) on our 3 month anniversary. Alex was amazingly patient and helpful in my recovery process. About a year later, he had surgery, and since we had just moved in together, I became his nurse during his recovery. I was responsible for cleaning and dressing his wound every day for 6 months.

Then, he lost his job. We lived on one income for about 4 months until he was lucky enough to land the perfect job. We often joke that if we get married and use the traditional vows ("for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health") we can cite examples! :) We made it through it all, and it has just made us stronger! I truly believe this is because we are such a good match. He is strong when and where I am weak and visa versa. We balance each other out and make each other better! 

He proposed to me on February 24th of this year. We had been together just over 2 years at that point. We've already begun planning the wedding and the date is set for November 30th of this year! 

Alex is by far the nicest guy I have ever met, and if it wasn’t for eHarmony, I would probably have never considered him as anything other than a friend. Knowing we were compatible on the 29 dimensions really made me see him in a new light. Each day I learn something new and exciting about him, and I am ever grateful to eHarmony for making me open my eyes to the great guy that was right in front of me. 

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