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Connie and Robert

Pigeon Forge, TN

As in that wonderful quote: "It is never too late to be what you might have been", our story is unique in that we both feel we have traveled a lifetime to finally find a soul mate in each other. With Bobby, age 61, and me, age 52, we feel we are part of a great shift in what 'young love' and experiencing life in one's 'prime' means, as products of the overwhelming number of baby boomers starting their lives over again in the 'second act' of their lives.  

What first attracted me to my match? Bobby had been a 3-year veteran to the online dating scene (proving how persistence can eventually pay off), and I had only been on a mere month. From the very first correspondence, within 24 hours we had reached the 'open ended questions', for we were so 'in sync', we were practically completing each other's sentences. What first attracted me to him was his wit, his warmth, and something in the tone of his writings to me that I sensed was like the 'male version' of what I would write to him. It was as if we flowed into each other's consciousness, even between the periods and pauses of each answer, we could feel a special unspoken connection with each other.  

Our First Date: From that first fateful online connection through eHarmony, not a day has lapsed when we haven't either written or spoken to each other in some form or fashion. When we first decided to meet, he gallantly made the four-hour drive from Athens, Ga. to Sevierville, TN to meet me at a lovely restaurant for dinner.  Coincidentally, it happened to be on the same day of an important audition, where I had to end up calling him on the hours, to let him know how much longer I would be. I could tell even then how his patient and caring demeanor would truly be like no man I had ever known. He has told me ever since then, that when I first stepped out of my car, he knew I was his soul mate. I must honestly admit that I wasn't as sure at first glance (as I felt when we had corresponded); for he was so totally different from any man I had ever been attracted to in my past. The running joke between us now, is that we must take more pictures wherever we go, for we get so caught up in each other on the ethereal level, getting lost in each other's eyes, we can easily forget the physical world around us. But I digress...back to that first date. We ended up closing down the restaurant (once again, after 3 hours), for everyone around us had left, and we weren't aware we were the only ones still there, till our sweet waitress began sweeping right below our feet! We agreed to meet for lunch the next day at a wonderfully scenic place called the Old Mill, and as we watched the water out the window, and each other in some intense looks between us, it was then he quietly whispered, "I'm never going to be able to let you go." After lunch, we went back and sat in his car, and listened to jazz music and shared thoughts, till once again, lost in time with each other, it became dusk around us, where 3 more hours seemed more like 3 minutes. The Southern gentleman that he is, he asked my permission for a little kiss before we parted, and as we slowly let our lips come close to each other, I felt a tremble in this romantic gentleman's lips that I'll feel till the day I die. It was not only magical-- that gentle first encounter-- but also electrifying at the same time. 

We have each had our share of personal challenges in our lives such as painful relationships that made us each wonder if finding true love was still possible at our ages.  The sincerity of his intentions led him to move nearer to me, just to 'date' and explore this amazing connection we found through eHarmony-- a brave move indeed at such a time in his life. He then became a 60 year old lifeguard at Dollywood's Splash Country, as I perform as the character "Miss Lillian" of Miss Lillian's Chicken House at Dollywood. We are already dreaming of writing songs together and creating more love and light in the world through our love for each other. So you see, eHarmony has brought together more than just another couple in love, but a couple who feels a sense of destiny to bring light to the world through our love.

Our Destiny confirmed its path when on Oct. 5th, 2005, Mr. Prince made a bold and exciting proposal from The Dollywood Express, a popular train that travels through Dollywood several times a day. I go out to 'meet and greet' the train and do a little dance as it travels by Miss Lillian's Chicken House each day. I was told on that particular day to NOT miss the 5 o'clock train for any reason ( when I was on my way to do a warm-up show at the theatre next door, I was nervously told that VIP's were on it....anything to keep me from missing it). So there I was waving away, when the train started slowing down, and I noticed out of the corner of my eye many of my fellow employees and park guests were strangely gathering around (everyone seemed to know about these romantic plans but Me on that day!)  The train Never stops on its path, but that day it did.... as I heard Conductor Jerry holler out " Miss Lillian, we have a special message for you!"  And on that note, a huge sign fell down from the side of the train, which read:"Miss Connie, Will You Marry Me?"   The crowd roared, and for the first time in my life, this little actress was speechless. The ladies from the Chicken House all ran out and screamed: "If you don't marry him, we will!"  My Mr. Prince then walked gallantly around the corner with his guitar, and began singing the song:  "A you're Adorable, B you're so Beautiful".... got down on one knee, and pulled out the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen, he had specially made by Dollywood's Golden Memories Jeweler Larry, with a ruby on one side (for our hearts) and aquamarine (for our spirits- we both being Pisces) on the other.       

Our wedding date, Dec. 19th, 2005, was then chosen to honor my Godmother and Godfather’s wedding (they were spiritual mentors in my life).  We were wed at the Pigeon Forge Wedding Chapel here in the Smoky Mountains, by the Dollywood pastor: Rev. Scott Capshaw, with our family and friends by our side. He sang to me as I walked down the aisle, "True Love", and as I met him halfway, we sang to each other before we took our vows. His 8 year old granddaughter, Anabel, was our flower girl, as a recording of Snow White speaking of her Prince came over the speaker. Our reception was at Dollywood, as we sang and danced to music.       

Our honeymoon began in the very same little mountain cabin where he cooked dinner for me in on the Valentine's Day after we first met, (little did we know then, that exactly a year from that date,  we would be signing a lease for our first home together as husband and wife). That evening I didn't stay over. This time I DID! Then we traveled and slept on an Amtrak train down to Florida (and a literal 'Midnight Train To Georgia') , in honor of his proposal to me from the Dollywood Train, just a couple of months before. We do have pix from all of these symbolic events, and memories already etched in our hearts, beginning with those first fateful emails on eHarmony! Our first year of marriage has been romantically spent in a little chalet in the Smoky Mountains.  Those closest to us often comment on how we are like 'kids' together. And that we feel like, as this second half of our lives is so filled with love and sweetness, that only heaven itself we feel could come even close matter what challenges the outside world may slide by us: it's the love and light in our souls that remains our primary focus, which makes all else find its Divine outcome.         

How did eHarmony compare with other dating sites? eHarmony was the first I had tried...and only on a whim in the wee hours one morning, after having my heart broken once again by men you meet in the 'physical' world, without having the means for finding out what is REALLY inside of them first, as eHarmony does with their psychological profiles. Bobby, on the other hand, had searched for 3 years on other sites, as well, and has said that eHarmony seemed to have more seriously searching souls who were looking for an emotional connection. It is that connection emotionally, as well as spiritually, that makes all the difference...the difference between that Great Love the fairy tales write about, and the ones that skim the surface. All of us searchers these days have 'kissed a lot of frogs', indeed...but Spirit has the power to turn one special one into a 'Prince' my case, Literally! Thank you from our hearts for this opportunity to share our story with you. It is our sincerest wish and prayer that our story of finding each other through your conscientious 'harmonious' eHarmony journey, will inspire countless others to finally find their 'Love like none other.'

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