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Henry and Jan

Mesa, AZ

We are most impressed with the thoroughness of eHarmony in pointing out qualifications of each other that we likely would not have thought to inquire about on our own.  Neither Henry nor I had chosen to meet any other eHarmony matchup, although Henry had received over 50 and corresponded with at least 5 others through email before he chose to not receive further eHarmony matchups.  Jan had been a six-month member who had chosen to not physically meet any matchup until contact with Henry.
And the rest is history!!!  We were married on October 28, 2007 in Gilbert, Arizona. Jan’s son was planning a trip from MI to AZ for the first time in many years, we decided it was a perfect time for our wedding.  He is a pianist and musician, his wife sang at our wedding, and all our children participated in the wedding as Maid of Honor and Best Man plus the other family members planned and orchestrated a most beautiful reception that we will always treasure and remember.  How delightful to have our many grandchildren present to witness and acknowledge this momentous day in our lives.
Today,  we’re having the time of our lives, with renewed vitality, rejuvenation and zest for living that we didn’t realize existed before our wonderful union. eHarmony, we can’t thank you enough and wanted to let you know about our success so that it can be an encouragement to others.

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