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Pat and Dennis

Winston Salem , NC

Dennis and I met on eHarmony two years ago. He lived in Indiana and I live in North Carolina but it wasn't long talking on the phone before we realized that distance wasn't going to get in the way of our relationship. I met Dennis in April, 2005. We talked for several months before we actually met face to face. We were attracted to each other immediately. Several of my friends have gone on eHarmony because of our relationship.


We were married this past March 31 and now we have a blended family of seven children and three grandsons. My former sister-in-law came to our wedding from Florida and after meeting Dennis and seeing what kind of relationship we have, she went home and signed up with eHarmony. I called her recently and she couldn't talk to me because she was going on a date with someone she had met on eHarmony!


So, I'm a firm believer in eHarmony and Dennis and I are so proud to tell people how we met. Love can find you at any age and eHarmony can put you together.


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