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Rich and Rita

Grayslake, IL

Wow...that best describes all that Rita and I have experienced.  I had ruled out that I would be married at anytime in the near future.  I signed up on eHarmony and was at various stages of communication with some potential matches.  That changed rather quickly after meeting Rita.  While I had things in common with the other matches, I was amazed at how compatible Rita and I were right from the start.  This shocked me because I thought that this only happened "to someone else" and wouldn't happen to me.  Our first date was a powerful confirmation that we had so many things in common, from how we felt about family to our sense of humor. 

I can't say it enough...I was so surprised at how compatible we were.  This was confirmed time and time again in the conversations we had.  These continued as we went to work, came home from work, and then late into the evening.  It did not take me long to decide that Rita was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  This after seven years of being single and wondering if I would ever meet anyone who could touch my heart.  Rita was the one and I couldn't be happier!!  

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