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Nearly Gave Up

Stephanie and Chris

San Antonio, TX

I joined eHarmony in May 2005. Being a teacher in a school filled with female colleagues, I didn't have many opportunities to meet men. A good and happily married friend of mine Andrea hated seeing me alone and dateless all the time and so she encouraged me to try eHarmony. At first I said no--only desperate individuals used the Internet to find dates. I even would laugh sarcastically at the couples on eHarmony's commercials because I thought the whole process of them meeting and finding love was fake. But Andrea persisted and I eventually joined.

I received lots of matches from the state of Texas during those first few months and I was excited to answer them back. However in those early stages, disappointment set in quickly. My communications with the guys would start out hot and then just as quickly become cold. I expanded my search to include all the U.S. and I was discouraged when guys (who were also looking nationwide) closed me with "I think the physical distance is too great." Last summer I even wrote an e-mail to Dr. Warren expressing my frustrations over the system I was that discouraged. Then just as quickly, I was matched with an eHarmony member here in San Antonio. We dated a few months and I thought he was the "one." However things didn't work out and I was again disappointed. I was ready to give up on finding love.

At the beginning of 2006, I was seriously considering terminating my membership with eHarmony because I didn't think it worked. And then I met Chris from North Carolina. I was matched with Chris in February of 2006. He was just one of several guys who appeared on my match page that day. I started communication with him like I did all the guys I am matched with. We ended up going through the early stages of communication very quickly. Soon we were exchanging personal e-mail addresses and writing each other long novel-like e-mails. Since I was talking to a few other matches, I really didn't see the potential of a relationship with Chris. We had a lot in common, but I didn’t think he could be the one I had been looking for. Eventually we began spending hours on the phone and I began to see that this guy was awesome. We had a lot in common (both had communication degrees, both were educators), we had the same interests (traveling), and we had the same life goals (marriage, family, and traveling). The other men I was corresponding with eventually fizzled away, but Chris and I continued to talk and get to know one another.

Soon we decided we had to meet one another in person so we decided to meet at a neutral place. We planned a trip to Phoenix, Arizona as vacation destination. We figured that once we met, we'd hit it off immediately, but if we didn't, we would at least get to meet and have a nice vacation. I had never taken a trip like this before to meet a stranger, but I was never really worried. We had talked many times so I felt like I already knew him. On the day of the trip, mishaps began. My flight was cancelled and I had to get on another flight. Luckily the departure time was still the same.

Chris and I were to arrive at the Phoenix airport within 30 minutes of each other so I was relieved he wouldn't be waiting for me and wondering where I was. When I arrived in Phoenix, I discovered that Chris's flight was in another terminal and I would have to take a bus to get to him. I wanted to hurry up to get to him because I didn't want him to think I stood him up. It took a good half an hour for me to pick up my luggage. After that I was huffing and puffing trying to get to that other terminal. Once I got there, I discovered an empty terminal and my heart sunk. I thought I had missed him and he was at my terminal. I was about to make a phone call to his cell but I didn't have any change for the payphone. Just as I turned around and headed for information for help, I saw him. I recognized him instantly. I went right up to him and he recognized me too. We greeted each other with a big hug. He later confided in me that when he arrived and couldn't find me, he thought I had stood him up.

The trip was wonderful and we had a wonderful time. We felt the chemistry and compatibility that we knew would be there. After a visit here to San Antonio, Chris has decided to make his home here in Texas so he can be with me. He is moving here August 1st. We are now very much in love and very excited about the future. I am going to North Carolina later in the year to meet his family and see the beautiful beaches he has told me so much about.

Sometimes when we talk, we are awestruck at how compatible we are to each other. He had signed up with eHarmony with the hopes that within a one year period he would find his match, and he has said he can't believe his luck. I don't think it is luck; I think we were meant to meet and fall in love. I am amazed that I found him from another state--I never thought that would happen. And I am even more relieved that I didn't terminate my membership with eHarmony at the beginning of the year. If I had done that, I would have missed out on one great guy!

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