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eHarmony Success Stories

Nearly Gave Up

Donna and Jason

Piedmont, AL

Jason and I started communicating on eHarmony.  What caught my eye was that Jason loved log homes.  I did too.  Jason had been on eHarmony for several months with no success and he was about to give up.  Something told him to give me a chance.  After several weeks of emailing we decided to meet.  On our first phone call I was shy and he wouldn't stop talking.  I was nervous but excited about meeting him.  We met on August 18th in Douglasville, Georgia (my hometown). Jason drove from his home in Jacksonville, Alabama. It was an hour and a half drive for him. I remember first seeing his big black truck.  When he stepped out I remember thinking how cute he was. 

As we were waiting on a table I remember Jason telling me how beautiful I was.  That was very sweet.  During the dinner we talked and had a very good time.  He called me the next day and I opened up.  We talked for almost an hour.  Our next meeting was two weeks later on September 1st.  I drove to his house.  I remember being amazed by the beautiful scenery where he lived. He drove me to see these beautiful waterfalls and we had a picnic

Things moved very quickly from this point and on October 20th Jason asked me to marry him.  He gave me a gorgeous diamond ring.  I was so excited and of course I said yes!!!! The wedding was everything I ever dreamed of...PERFECT. We love being married to each other.  We are perfect for each other.  We compliment each other so well.  Everyday our love grows more.  Thank you eHarmony for this amazing gift!!!! 

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