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eHarmony Success Stories

Nearly Gave Up

Christie and Roberto

San Diego, CA

 We met for dessert on a weeknight, and had a wonderful time (probably because he gave me his dessert, which was better than mine!).  He asked me out again while on our first date, and we met again a few days later.  He was so easy and fun to be around, and we quickly began dating regularly. 

He was different from other men I dated - he did what he said he was going to do, and was just so consistent in what he was telling me and how he behaved.  I kept  waiting for his "fatal flaw" to appear, but it didn't!   We met each others' family and friends, and everyone could see that we were completely in love with each other.   We got engaged on a weekend get-away in the mountains in November 2011.  It was a beautiful, snowy weekend, and it was perfect. 

We just got married on August 24, 2012, with all of our family and friends around, and it was so wonderful and fun.  I'm very excited to be starting this next chapter of my life with my best friend.  He makes my world a better place, and I thoroughly enjoy his company (and he mine).  I finally feel like I'm the person I'm meant to be.  I'm so grateful that both of us decided to give eharmony a try.  There's no way our paths would have crossed in our day to day lives, otherwise.   

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