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Nearly Gave Up

Kurtis and Laura

El Segundo, California

A day later I was at my Uncle Jack & Aunt Norene's house for a belated Christmas when I got an email from eHarmony.  "LAURA, 26, MANHATTAN BEACH" would like to begin communication. I clicked through to find that not only is she smokin' hot beautiful, but she's quoting Dumb & Dumber in her profile. She's perfect! I proceeded to tell every single person in the house about this perfect girl. They cheered me on as Laura and I flew through the tedious steps of communication on eHarmony in a few hours, a process that usually takes weeks. 

After a week of daily novel-length emails, we agreed to meet. It almost didn't happen when I suggested Wahoo's for dinner. Luckily, I asked a friend's advice and she suggested Rock 'N Fish. Laura agreed to give me a second chance and we had an amazing four hour dinner, followed by a three hour walk on the beach and a first kiss. 

Her Story of How We Met:

Looking back, I almost can't believe we met "online."

In fact, when I first started talking with Kurtis and was gushing about him to my friend (bridesmaid) Chelsea and her mom, her mom misunderstood me and said, "you met him in line? In line where?" I can't explain what came over me, but I proceeded to tell her that I met him in line at CVS (we happen to have been passing a CVS at the time). She wasn't impressed, but I was commited. So the story was born. Seems incredibly silly now. 

When we met I was only looking to re-live some of my hillarious dating scenarios from my past online experience. I had just gotten out of a relationship and just wanted to go out and have a good time. When I saw a photo of a guy with a mullet I figured, this guy appreciates a good wig, we must have a lot in common. Things were great until he asked me out for ice cream at 7pm on a Friday. Like most girls, I had to get the opinon from all of my girlfriends. Is this a red flag? Ice cream at 7pm, is he a geriatric? When I suggested either a later meet up time, meeting for a drink instead or dinner and he suggested we meet at Wahoo's Fish Tacos I really panicked.

Our first date was like listening to a favorite song you haven't heard in awhile. The rhythm, excitement and familiarity allowed me to be completly myself, and I've been able to be so ever since. I'll never cease to be amazed by how many pieces of my life fit so perfectly with K's. Of all the blessings I am grateful for, I am most thankful for the support of an extended family.  In a moment I went from an only child to the fiancé, the daughter, the granddaughter, the niece and the sister. December 25, 2011 changed my life in so many ways. I can't begin to describe what it feels like to hold in your heart everything you've ever wanted. 

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